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Thread: Comp. Body Fat?

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    Comp. Body Fat?

    I am thinking about doing some kind of local BB show in the future, and was wondering, what is the average Body Fat is for a competator? I am currently dropping 1-1.5% a week. When I started dieting around 8 weks ago, I was 20%. Now I am around 11.5%. My stats are:

    29 Y.O.
    236 lbs
    W/ 11.5% body fat


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    Average is 3-5 %BF.

    I wouldn't lose more than 1% BF per week. Usually more than that and its a lil too drastic and there's risk of losing muscle. This usually isn't a probelm unless you start making drastic cuts in reducing cals or something along those lines.

    If you're even thinking about competing, I would go for it.

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    lots of factors can be taken into consideration: metabolism, diet, gear etc...but all in all like saboudian said 1%/pw is prolly the most you wanna lose. As a matter of fact this is pretty much what im losing this time around(14%--->9% in 5 wks).

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by saboudian
    Average is 3-5 %BF.

    thats exactly what i was going to say...........when my friend won 1st in his ameteur comp...............he was @ 2.5% the day of, with the water test and all..............but you can only stay at that low bf for barely even a day........and truthfully, he looked horrible..............his face looked so sucked in and his clothes looked so loose on him..........but dont get me wrong, his body looked amazing..........hence, the 1st place finish............

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    i think your gonna find it a little harder once you get down to single's not gonna come off as easy as when you first started.

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