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    Guide-Removing Popups For Good

    This is a little step-by-step guide to removing unwanted popups from your favorite websites you visit, or if they popup automatically when connected to the internet. This method needs no program for it to work, just
    Internet Explorer.

    Popups- These are caused by Java Script code in the source of the website.
    This method disables the window from being brought up, buy having IE blocking the website being advertised, or the picture being displayed.

    Step-By-Step Method-
    1.) When a popup window pops up, right click in the middle of the window.
    2.) Select properties from the list of choices to click.
    3.) Another window will appear with information of the website being advertised in the popup window. Highlight the whole Address/URL, copy (CTRL-C), and in the Address bar in IE, paste it (CTRL-V) and click Go or press Enter.
    4.) Once you arrive at the website of the popup being displayed, go to the menu bar at the top of IE, click View> Privacy Report, then choose settings.
    5.) At the bottom of the settings window, choose Edit, in the Websites/Override cookie area.
    6.) Last, re-paste the Address/URL in the Address Of Website bar, and click block!

    The popups that appear on your favorite websites you often visit will never bother you again. This is a long process, and you must do it to every window that popups up, but it always works! This also will work on some banners, ontop of the websites you visit (will not work on random address/refresh address banners). You will never have to download/purchase popup blockers, that can even have some spyware that can cause unwanted popups!

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    I never new that, thats some good info.
    I usually just take the whole computer to Bestbuy or something twice a year and pay $49 to have it cleaned up... oh well

    nice post
    thanks bro

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    Go to this site and download "No-ads". It does the same exact thing pink floyd mentioned, but much easier. It leaves a little icon on your taskbar, everytime a pop up comes up, you just click the icon and then click whatever window you want blocked. It'll never show up again. It's a great program and it's free.

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    great link poppa

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