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Thread: Ram upgrade

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    Ram upgrade

    I have a Gateway comp. Its about 2 yrs old. It has a 2.0 pentium 4, 256 Ram. I would like to upgrade my Ram to either 512 or 768? Im not a gammer or anything like that. I only use it to download songs, internet and chat. I really don't know much about computers. What Ram would be better to go with?


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    here go to this link: then select your pc model number and it will tell you what type of memory you need.

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    more than likely going to be SDRam, doubt it's going to be DDR since you're runnin a 2.0 ghz

    as for the speed of it, well, that's a toughy. it'll show you if you enter your bios settings. or just contact your manufacturer and find out.

    check out for the cheapest price on the net. wouldn't recommend you buy from Best Buy or any place like that unless they have a decent rebate.

    also, it's also more likely that it's just 1 memory stick. most motherboards will accomodate up to 3, some DDR's boards will only have 2. so, i'd go with one (1) 512 MB stick

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