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    I-POD i'm going to buy one.. under $249.00 is that available?

    I'm a comparative shopper ..... although i like to think i can buy whatever i want when i want .. this is just not the case.

    I am in the market for a new apple I-Pod ...Hell, if you know of a good phone that does what the apple i-pod can doo, please tell me.

    Currently i own a Motorolla v220 flip phone.. and the fawker is a piece of shiut .. i finally got it to where i can make and edit my own ringtowns.. but i want something better.. if somebody knows of something please tell me.

    nothing over $400

    Thank you

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    Do you know what an ipod is? If you do im sure you know that there isnt a phone out there that does the same...

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    I got every Ipod you could wantatlike 60% off PM me

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