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    Which hard drive should I get?

    both of my 20 GB hard drives are FULL to the brim, I want to trade them both in for either this 160 Gb or 200 GB hard drive. The funny thing is, for some reason, the 160 GB is $25 more expensive than the 200 GB, even though it has a smaller capacity. The only difference I see between the two is that the 160 GB has a faster data transfer rate at 150 mb/sec and the 200 GB has 133 mb/sec. Does data transfer rate make that much of a diff, and if so should I just go with the smaller hard drive that is more expensive?

    160 GB Maxtor 150 mb/sec

    200 GB Maxtor 133 mb/sec

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    get the 200 GB, the difference in the speed is almost un-noticable but the difference in the size is pretty big (40 GB) and cheaper.

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    the 160gb is serial ATA , you have to make sure you have a serial motherboard if you were gonna use that.. so just get the 200gb its regular IDE wich is standard

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    I would get one of these at

    SEAGATE 200GB ST3200822A UATA-100 8MB 7200RPM (Bare drive) (*While Supplies Last!) $95.00

    SEAGATE 250GB ST3250823A UATA 8MB 7200RPM (Bare drive) $112.00
    SKU: AA33190Mfg. Part No: ST3250823A

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