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Thread: Damn Pc

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    Damn Pc

    Hi guys,

    i have alittle problem, again
    last night my internet connection just timed out,
    and ive yet to get it working, aol dosent seem to know what is wrong.
    im currently using dail up as we speak.

    ive tryed formatting windows (win xp) aol9 im using
    and re-installed aol and my adsl voyager 105 modem drivers etc
    and i cant sign on, it keeps saying, your modem was unable to establish
    a mofo' ing connection,

    can anyone help?

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    oh brother. i worked for aol for a few years and i swear "your modem was unable to establish a mofo' ing connection" is the hardest to troubleshoot. are you using dsl or regular dial up?

    if dsl, can you get email or use another internet based program?

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    did you check your cable? try switching cables and see. firewall? make sure its not blocking web browser.

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