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    Norton Anti-Virus Question...

    I have Norton Antivirus 2003 running on one of my machines. Does anyone know when support for ths product will run out? I heard that at the end of 2005 I will no longer be able to download updates, etc. Can anyone confirm this?

    Secondly, what is the anitvirus software of choice with people out there? I have used Norton since 2003 and currently also have Norton 2005 running on a machine as well, but it sucks up resources like a biatch.



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    I don't know much about the Norton Antivirus support expiration because I don't use it but McAfee doesn't consume much resources.

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    Agree on the McAfee. Doesn't take up much space.
    I've heard that the Norton Updated versions are hard to get support on.
    Not sure when the 2003 updates will run out.

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