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    Help...internet slow as hell

    alright, I've done everything I know. I have the spybot software, imunized all the cookies. I have window washer, i've scan disked, I've defragmented, I've tried to free up my hard disk but I know that in itself wouldn't help. I have a cable modem and not too long ago I could speed through anything. I don't have a pop up blocker but need one any help there? I have 384mb ram and a 1.8 ghz dell, not old. Help me computer/internet gurus.

    Also, I have this annoying ass problem. Sometimes, when I get in my mail or open up a website this annoying as file/something comes up and it is like a search engine page and also says couldn't display page...but you will see the page for a sec and then that page comes up. Also, ziplip is a craw for me bros

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    Is Spybot the only spyware software you are using? Ad-aware is good too, I use both. Have you talked to your ISPs customer support?

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    remove programs from startup

    if you are running windows XP goto

    START >> RUN >> type "msconfig" hit OK >> click STARTUP tab >> uncheck what you dont need.. pretty much everything here can be unchecked but you may want to leave stuff like nortan anitvirus and a few others that you want to start everytime windows starts.. If you arent sure what it is do a search on google it and find out.

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    Is your connection always slow? Just times of days or certain sites. I heard of cable having some problems after using it a while. But I've only had cable for two months and have no problems yet. There are so many possible problems I need so more info. Also Adaware and Spybot are musts. You never now what can be stealing your bandwidth. Are you running any antivirus software? Trojan and viruses can also flood a network. If it is just certain sites you can edit a your host file so your route doesn't require DNS resolution this can speed these slow sites up quite a bit. Drop me a pm or add a reply.

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    It could be your cable connection. More people in your neighborhood could've gotten your same cable service. Cable is distributed throughout and the bandwith gets taken away one by one as more people sign up for your cable provider.

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