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Thread: disk cleanup

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    disk cleanup

    I forgot we had this forum, so I'll take advantage of it.
    My PC just won't let me do disk cleanup anymore. I just get the "calculating how much space....." forever.
    In internet options, deleting old files and offline content plus emptying my recycle bin, is there anything more that disk cleanup gets rid of?
    Can I do it manually?
    Thanks for the help

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    What operating System do you have?

    In Win XP Home the disk clean-up cleans these files out;

    Downloaded Program Files

    Temporary Internet Files

    Recycle Bin

    Temporary Files

    Web Client/Publisher Temporary Files

    Catalog Files for the Content Indexer

    The Internet Options function only gets rid of Cookies, History( in address bar ), and Temporary Internet Files.

    Try going to start/search/Files and Folders and type in "Temp" That should get you some more files that you can delete.

    You can try to defrag first, some operating systems want you to disk clean first. but it is easily bypassed ( yes or no option)
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