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    Body Temperature

    This question may belong in the workout forum, but we talk a lot about cardio here, so this is where I'll ask it.

    This may be completely dumb, so please don't flame me.

    After I do my morning cardio, I take a cool/cold shower. I have to get ready for work as quickly as possible and often times I'm still sweating even after I get dressed, so I try to cool down my body in the shower. There's a guy I talk to from time to time that tells me this is bad because my higher body temp is what keeps the fat burning going. If I cool off quickly, I'll stop lipolysis.

    I've never heard this before, but my argument was twofold:
    1) Any weight loss caused by a high body temp is water loss, due to sweat.
    2) The higher body temp is a byproduct of my metabolism, it is not the CAUSE.

    Somebody tell me I'm right and he's wrong.

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    i dont know about that but they say you have to take a hot shower after physical exertion or exercise because the cold water will give you rheumatism. i dont have any scientific proof but this is what ive been told many times so no flames also

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    All I know is that I have to get up extra early to cardio/shower or shower period. Reason being, I have to sit in front of a big ass fan and cool off w/cool air on my face/body or else I'm a FURNACE.

    It's crazy.....I spend about 10-15 mins extra each day avoiding sweating until my body temp!

    I was told it's because the warm water (if u are muscular) heats up your body of course, and the muscle is great insulation and absorbs the heat. When you get out, it takes quite a while to cool off. Whatever the real reason is, it's a bee-yatch!


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