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    critique cutting diet

    any feedback is appreciated.

    i can't do morning cardio. i am a grad student and have to be up at lab early and stay late. so, i need my sleep. thus, i must do cardio at night. i lift MWF and do cardio T TH and Sat.

    i do a regular split of check/tri's, back/bis, legs/shoulder, with abs being trained on cardio days(60 minutes) . i also play softball after weight lifting M and W.

    I'm 6'0 190.

    6 egg whites
    1/2 cup oatmeal

    can of tuna with olive oil and mustard

    12 pm
    can of tuna with handful of almonds

    tuna with olive oil and mustard

    cashews with tuna

    7 PWO
    protein shake with honey (40/80)

    8 or 9
    chicken or shrimp with spinach salad (with balsalmic vinager or fat free italian)

    10,11, or 12
    protein shake with olive oil or flax

    i drink about a gallon of water a day

    on weekends i usually have a couple cheat meals...either hard tacos at taco bell or some chinese/thai food.

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    I would take the oats out of your first meal and replace with a fat source. Put the oats in your 8 or 9 meal (PPWO), you need carbs here. I would also use dextrose in stead of the honey, it is cheap and easy to find. On cardio only days I would drop the carbs altogether and replace with fat.

    Quote Originally Posted by GQSuperman
    on weekends i usually have a couple cheat meals...either hard tacos at taco bell or some chinese/thai food.
    I here ya on the chinese cheat meal, that's what I am having tonight!

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    beatin it up...
    Make sure the last meal is a slow digesting protein and fat

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    Along with the suggestion of the pro/fat meal stated above, I would include more protein in meal one. After cooking those egg whites, you are only getting around 3.5gr of protein per egg white. You also need to make your 8pm meal a pro/complex carb meal.

    With your cardio, 3 days is not enough. I totally understand its hard to get up when you have to get up early already and stay up late studying, I was in the same scenario this past semester. BUT, when your progress isnt as fast as youd like, waking up alittle earlier becomes more appealing. I had to be at school at 8am every day and I had a 25min drive. I started gettin up at 545am. Its not bad after awhile. I would just take a powernap after school. On the days I had to stay up super late studying or had tests early in the morning, then yes, morning cardio had to occassionally be sacrificed for school. It all comes down to how bad you want it.

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    turst me man wake up early. I ****!@ wake up every morning at 4:30am yes i said 4:30 am to do my morning cardio because i have to be at work by 6:30am so trust me wake up your bf will thank you later.

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