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    please help with my diet

    I am 22, 5'10 and about 235. I am roughly 25-30% bf. I am looking to just drop fat as quick as possible and not really worrying about preserving muscle. I just want to cut down as quick as possible my goal is to get to about 185-190. Here is what I am currently doing, im just looking for a critique/advice.

    cardio for 40 mins 5 days a week on an empty stomach in the am.

    My diet looks sometihng like this;

    9am. cardio
    10am. 5 egg whites one whole 20 gram whey shake and oatmeal sometimes slice of whole wheat toats.
    12pm- chicken breast, steak, salmon or tuna usually equaling 40-50 gm protein and a salad or green veggie.
    3pm- 50 gm protein shake
    6pm- same as 12 o'clock meal
    9pm- 50 gm shake w/ flax oil or 5-6 egg whites.

    Sometimes at the noon time meal I'll have a turkey or roast beef sandwich on one slice of whole wheat bread w/ mustard.

    Does a this look ok? what should i change? I'm just looking to drop fat fast not concerned w/ muscle

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    Without seeing the actual calorie counts, it looks like you're restricting calories far too much, especially for your bodyweight and height. I'd recommend more frequent meals and II'd also like to see more real, whole foods in there as well. Eating so little will slow your metabolism which will slow your fat-burning process down considerably because your body thinks it is starving and is going to store more fat rather than burn it. It will also waste away more muscle which aids in increasing your metabolism and fat-burning. So you do have to be concerned with muscle preservation. On a cutting diet, you're going to lose some muscle, but having regular servings of protein should minimize this.

    It takes a lot longer to lose fat than it does to put it on, and the only real way you can hurry things along with supplements such as a home-made ECA stack or clen (but these have side effects), but I wouldn't suggest you even touch these until the diet and workout regimin is in good order. And even then, make sure you know the risks.

    If I were you, I'd consult with a nutritionist as well. Basically what you are looking for is a gradual reduction in calories coupled by early morning cardio (on non-lifting days) for 30-45 minutes on an empty stomach (LOW INTENSITY - walking 3-3.5 mph is good enough).

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    As well, read/absorb the cutting sticky atop the page, it'll help you out a lot.


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