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    Critique my diet please.

    I am 5'10 185 around 10-12%BF. I work 6pm to 6am two on two off three on one week and just the opposite the next. Days I work I get up around 1:30pm and eat piece of Salmon 20g pro cup of rice, cup of low fat cottage cheese and a shake with 21g or protein and 500 cals 100g carbs 2.5 fat. I hit the gym for around 1.5-2 hours little or no cardio since I want mass. I return home around 3:30 or 4pm and take another shake (same as above). Then around 5:30 I eat a can of white chicken breast 60g protein and 280 cals, very little fat and no carbs. Go to work at 6pm. Eat dinner at 9:30-10 with a footlong subway roasted chicken breast 660 cals. (unsure of protein or carbs). Then at 2-2:30am I double my shake above-1000 cals 200g carb, 42 g protein 5g fat. I get home at 6am and eat another can of chicken 60g protein and a can of pineapple. Sleep at 7am.

    Days off work most stays the same except I add eat chicken instead of fish. Chicken has 36g protein. I usually add another shake of 500cals and 21g protein.

    Goals are to get to 200lbs in my 12 week cycle. I just started within this week and will try to increase the cals to around 5000 as I get further into it, my stomach just cant handle that much food right now. Thanks bros

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    Check out the stickys above for constructing a beneficial diet..

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