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Thread: Dry Chicken

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    Dry Chicken

    This is a question to all you chefs out there.

    I buy Tyson grilled boneless skinless chicken breasts that come in a bag with about 6 breasts. I cook them on the George Forman grill but no matter how I cook them they always turn out very dry.

    I have used different marinades but in the end I always have a dry piece of chicken. Is there any tricks to cooking chicken breast to get that restaurant quality, or is it just the chicken breasts Iím buying are no good? One of my favorite chicken breasts are Whaterburgers, and I know they donít buy gourmet chicken.

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    My mother buys those same things (yes, i live at home). I'm not sure if they're Tyson, but they come from Super Wal-Mart and there's like 6 or 8 in a bag. I grill mine on a regular grill - not a fan of the George Foreman - on low heat. I usually marinade with that 30 min. marindate - although I marinate it for a day or so before I cook it.

    You can also try baking them to preserve some moisture.

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    Don,t cooke them for so long as this normally dries any meat out just make sure they are not pink inside

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    I just defrost the frozen chicken breasts in the microwave for about 3 minutes and then I broil them for about 10 minutes a side, then flip sides, and go for about another 10 minutes. Always comes out moist for me

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    Use emirls rosemary, lemon and garlic marinade, you will never have a dry piece of chicken again. I make them at home and then bring them to work and microwave it, still doesn't get dry. Not sure on the fat contents but who gives..

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    Big D

    Unfortuneatly one of the main reasons that you get such tender juicy baked chicken in a resturant is because they cook it with the skin on. This keeps all of the moisture in thus preventing probally 95 percent of the dryness that you are incountereing. Ok here is the problemn with that, if you cook the chicken with the skin on it may taste alot better BUT it will have a much higher fat content as well. Yeah the old saying is true that if it taste good it's bad for you. Well let ol' IC fill you in on a little secret. If you have a steamer you can steam the meat although this useually leaves little room for spices. So you have to steram the meat until it is justtttt abou6t done. Almost done in fact, then place the chicken into a baking dish with any spices that you choose and pop it into the oven BUT not to long or you wind up with dry chicken again.

    Another simpler way is just to bar-b-que the chicken oon a grill. The heat from a grill is not as intenese as it would be inside a closed oven.


    Or you could come on over this weekend. Me and the guy's are bound to be cooking some kind of dead bird on the grill!

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