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    Exclamation Ripping Down!!!!!!

    I am looking for help with ripping down my ab region, a little back ground info. I am 31 years old, have been lifting off and on since High School and have only experimented with cycling the past couple of years, I am 6 ft 1 inch tall, and weigh 236, currently no cycling, i have been as high as 269 cycling hard and as low as 212 dieting hard, but have lost just as much, if not more muscle than fat. I have tried thermogenics such as Ripped Fuel, Charge, and hydroxycuts, in conjuction with Clomid, Clen , and Cynomel, but can't rip out in the mid region, especially my obliques. My arms, chest, and legs rip out fine, but not my mid section. I donot have a huge bloat, but have never been ripped. I try to diet hard when ripping down, but always seem tired and weak and can't work out hard, Can anyone help?????

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    My guess is that you are trying *too* hard if the general feelings you describe are accurate. Remember, each and everyone of us is descended, more or less, from those ancestors most efficient at storing bodyfat in anticipation of times of famine. Accordingly, if you get overly ambitious in your endeavors, slash calories too much (a common mistake in "dieting hard") and go a bit too far with things, your body actually reacts by making a 'last ditch' effort of sorts to store bodyfat, as it perceives a famine. That might explain why your extremities "rip up" okay, but the midsection're also genetically predisposed as to your fat loss patterns by and large, ie, which spots retain it till the end and whcih spots shed it first and most rapidly.

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    Yeah, I had to make it a lifestyle for sure. To look good, it's true, you really do have to work at it, and do so consistently. It has to be a part of you and who you are.


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