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    Bulk, clean or pig out

    This is not a thread where Im trying to justify getting fat as a pig. I just want honest input.

    Do you feel you gain muscle and strenght best by eating clean and avoiding getting fat when bulking.


    Do you feel that you gain muscle and strenght best by eating almost everything in sight and not care to much about fat gains.

    For the ones that bulk clean and dont get to fat. Do you do it so the cutting will be easier after the bulk or do you do it cause you feel you gain lean mass just as good that way and without alot of unnessecary fat gains?

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    I find that bulking cleanly works alot better, I just eating a ton of chicken, my suggestion would be just pig out on chicken lol. It def helps when cutting, but i don't like to be fat at any point.

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    I feel it best to eat clean.

    If you eat enough clean kcals, you'll grow just as you would with clean kcals along w/sh*t food, minus the lard.

    Even IF you gained some kind of "superior" musculature by being Nemo, the fact that you have to diet off so MUCH excess fat now means that you're only going to end up dieting off that additional lean mass anyhow. The less fat you have to lose after gaining size means you're going to hold on to more lean mass size.


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