Maby not the right forum to ask in. but considering most diet freaks are here I guess its good.

Has anyone here finished a nutritionist education(master or bachelor in it) and in that case did you think it was a fun education? Can it open upp oppertunitys to be a personal trainer/diet advisor(I was thinking a nutritionist must be more sought after then some clown that got a pt liscens in a couple of weeks ) ?

What other kinds of work does it enable you to get?

How much biology was involved in the education?

Has the knowledge hepled your bodybuilding goals anything?

this coming year when Im taking a break from my physics studies Im toying with the idea of taking a few of the courses that the nutritionist program has to offer. Mainly cause it would be fun I guess and a nice way to get some studypoints. But if they require good knowwledge of biology or biochem then thats out of the question