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    Man, I fell of the wagon last night...

    HA. Let's just say I wasn't in the right state of mind, and I was starved.

    4 Hard Tacos, 1 Hash Browns, 1 Half Pound Bean burrito, 2 chicken soft tacos, and 1 small taco salad.

    And I woke up too late to day cardio this morning. I was complaining of feeling flat yesterday, but I doubt that will be the case today.

    Oh well, I still have to do a proper clean carb up on sunday, and get back to business. Show the metabolism who's boss.

    The Skin Over Steel project continues...

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    sounds to me like someone got a little too drunk, or high. i know it sucks when stuff like that happens, but hey that's life.

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    Dunno, maybe it's me, but I have those days too where I do that and I'm neither drunk nor high.

    I'm special.

    Just get back on track man, don't do it again unless it's planned and all that good stuff, you'll be fine.


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    thats good that you didnt let that get to you. Dont sweat it which your prob not judging by your positive attitude cuz we are human and humans are not robots. Hope you enjoyed all that food.

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    hey i fell off too!! finished a nightmare of a job and between me my uncle and our partner we finished 36 coronas and a 26er of rum. i cant say i regret it either. **** that job sucked ass. i ould rather die than do another one like that again

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    One of my training buds went off the deep end last week. He bought a box of snickers and ate the whole da*n thing. We're only 4 weeks out from a contest! Oh well, look on the bright side- he finally got a good night's sleep after that sugar high. You probably needed a rest too after that meal.

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    I plan my cheat days on saturdays....I go to the grocery store and stock up on all the food im goin to eat lmfao But through the week i usually stick to my diet but once i open that jar of natural pb u better watch out cause in a few minutes that bad boy could be gone

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    When I cheat on days i'm not supposed to I feel guilty as **** and it really affects me mentally... Good thing those times are few and far between.

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