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    PWO shake question

    when drinking a 2:1 ratio of dex/pro after lifting would it be a good idea to chugg it real quick or casually drink it with in a 60min time frame? b/c i usually drink my shake in a 10 to 20min time frame and i was just wonderin if i drink it too fast would my blood/glucose levels rise too fast causing fat storage but yet again if a drink it too slow im not getting enough nutrients to my muscle fast enough. so whats the best way to drink it?

    and one more question after PWO shake how long should i wait to consume my PPWO meal?

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    You want to consume your PWO shake within 15 minutes of your last set. This will spike your insulin levels and help to shuttle a maximum amount of protein into your muscles.

    The PPWO meal should be about an hour after your shake.

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    why will you wait that long to drink your shake? as bad man said, it is imperative you consume all of your shake withing 15 minutes after your workout. your ppwo can be 1- 1.3 hours after your pwo shake.

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