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    raisins, sure as hell good, but r they good for you?

    well im sittin here eatin some raisins after my workout n drinkin my shake and i was wonderin if raisins were alright for you, i know they cant be that good for you, **** they got 29g sugar in 1 1\2 oz. they look like a good source of carbs, 31g 1 1\2 oz. SC what you think i know you'll read this.

    btw, i havnt goten dex. or whatever, i forget what its called(put in protein shake for carbs) im too tired to think right now, thats y im substituting

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    i remember there being a post about raisins. Do a search hoepfully it will come up..

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    I wouldn't think they would be a good source, they are loaded in sugar.

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