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    strategy on getting lean and putting on muscle while on the job?

    Hey guys,

    I have an idea on how to get lean while putting on some muscle while on a hectic work schedule. Please critic as much as possible!

    First off, I do a lot of walking on the job. I'm working at a construction site surveying crane usage as a summer job. I do a lot of low intensity walking - 45 minute durations 4 times a day -> 3 hours total.

    Now, going low carb with high fat and protein meals during the moring and afternoon while doing all this walking would benefit fat loss, correct? I also plan on working out 3 days a week, after work. So I would carb up at 6-7PM, and do my workout at 8PM. I;d get my post workout shake in, and have a last meal 30min later.
    I would assume with all the nutrients I'd be anabolic during the night I'm sleeping favoring muscle growth.

    Would this be feasible? lyposis during the day, and anabolism at night?
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    I would have to guess that working out 'only' 3 days a week has a possibility of helping you maintain most of the muscle you have. With all the walking you should def be breaking up some fat, but some tissue may also be muscle if you're not careful with your eating. Make sure you eat more than enough protein, some carbs for energy for your little walks, and hydrate a ton. Also, what kind of supplements are you using?

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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    The protein is high; I'm eating 2 chicken breasts, a steak (8oz), and 2 turkey sandwichs during the 8 AM - 6 PM I'm away from home. I also have a 50 gram protein and 100 gram carb breakfast prior. The hydration is not a problem, since every time I get back from the hour travels, I immediately hit the water cooler.

    That was one concern I had initially; how much muscle will I spare during all this. So far so good though, I have got leaner since Monday, but the str in my legs I'll find out tomorrow. As for sups, I'm taking EC twice a day, morning and afternoon... and protein shake post workout.

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