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    why is it important

    why is it important to break your meals up into pro/fats and pro/carbs
    why shouldnt you have pro/carbs/fats

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    5. The separation of Carbs and Fats- This is a hotly debated issue, but again, in my opinion, an important aspect nonetheless. Remember that it is often when you eat items and with what you eat them that is more important than what you are eating. A mouthful, I know, but stay with me. Remember that when you take in certain carbs, you can spike your insulin levels. If you are taking in fats when your insulin has been spiked, you are allowing the basic laws of physiology to act out, and you allow for a higher propensity for fat storage. Separation is key. The sample diet will give a good example of how to separate them.
    Taken from the "Cutting Sticky" at the top of the page.

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    Some studies have shown that the consumption of carbs and fats at the same time actually have a synergistic effect on your insullin levels.

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    There's a time and a place for everything....a good rule of thumb, especially when cutting, is to seperate carbs and fats. BUT as bad_man said, there may be times you want to tweak it a little and eat them at the same time. I'd say if you're new to the dieting game and are just learning this stuff, stick with the seperation until you know your body well enough to judge your results.

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    In a nutshell, studies show fat intake enhances the insulin response to carbs. Fat slow down the absorption of food while carbs cause the secretion of insulin. Therefore the theory suggests the combo of the two, leads more nutrients to be shuttled to the fat cells. And protein should be eaten in every meal. At that we get protein/carb meals and protein/fat meals only. I been following this concept for some time now and it has worked great for me. Got try what works for you.


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