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    Eating, Eating, and more EATING??

    heres my question.. pretty plain and simple.. lots of people will give the advice to eat eat and eat anything that you possibly can when your on cycle... like not to be too picky..but then when people talk bout their cycle first question others ask is.. hows your diet.. are you eating right... if you are on a bulking cycle, which way would you go?
    i know eating the right foods help to keep you more lean and cut but on most bulking cycles the aas are going to give you alot of water retention that will prevent you from looking too lean.... i dont know...

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    As swolecat would say, you need to eat "Clean" calories

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    with metal plates...
    junk= fat
    clean=quality mass

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    Like eggplant said. Eating clean will ensure quality gains. All calories are not equal. Eat 2,000 calories worth of french fries, and then eat 2,000 calories worth of rolled oats, and tell me which you think will lead to bigger muscles. Eating clean will give you a lot less fat storage, and will make cutting that much easier once your are done with your cycle. Even if you don't plan on cutting. The leaner you are the bigger you appear IMO.

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