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    real food -vs- supplements

    I have seen this over, and over, but I'm not really sure why it is.

    Is there a huge difference between getting protein from a supp(protein powder) rather than from a real food(chicken, turkey, etc...)

    It is easier to prepare, and is much cheaper to to use protein powder, so it wins hands down in the efficiency category. The real food tastes better, and is more filling, but as far as a fat loss results go , is there a difference?

    I have protein powder in 3 out of 6 meals. Will this cause significant negative results on my cutting?


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    As far as the general media's "weight loss" goes, protein shakes are fine.... but if you want to actually keep some muscle while youre losing fat i'd say go with real food for 4 of those 6 meals.

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    real food hands down bro. . .also whey protein is fast digesting which you only want in PWO shake AND whey also does a number on your digestive system. . your body has to work hard to digest it in other words

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