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    Almost time to bulk, help me out here bros

    Alright, ive been cutting since feb. Ive been doin quality cutting (after joining this board and learning) since sometime in march. Ive always struggled with fatloss, so ive always been trying to lose weight. Now that ive learned so much and Ive got the dieting part down to a "T" and I lost alotta friggin fat, Im in the works of planning my first natty bulk.

    Now, I plan on posting the bulking diet for critique in a couple weeks, but first im playing around with a couple ideas. It seems that having enough energy to lift while bulkin is a big concern. I see alot of people eating a pro/carb meal before lifting, even though it wont digest in time. My question is then, what do you bro's recommend for the last meal I consume before lifting and how long would I consume this before I hit the gym?? Right now, i obviously consume a pro/fat meal before I lift at about 2-2.5hrs before lifting. I dont have the greatest energy. I was also thinkin about pounding a sugar free redbull.

    What you bros think?



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    i always have pro/fat b4 1.5hrs b4 lifting. I to sometimes struggle with amounts of energy. What i do is i make my workouts short and intense. My workouts usually last about 50-55mins i can usually hold out for about an hour until my body is exhausted.

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    I was working alot of overtime the past few months with a pro/fat about an hour before i hit the gym and caffine pills helped alot.

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    i also have pro/fat before lifting while bulking. . .i never have trouble with energy and i have it an hour b4 i lift

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    with metal plates...
    i also have pro/fat before my lifts..seldom have the problem of low fact i'm getting stronger..i suppose if you experience any low energy,it might be that you have not really recovered from your previous workout..egg

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