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    Question Need diet advice while on AS cycle?

    What type of diet programs do you guys like when you are cycling. How many totals cals, protein, carbs and fats do you like. I am looking to add as much lean mass on a Sus, EQ, winny cycle. I just ended a high protein low carb lean out diet went from 18%bdf to around 10% I want to grow but don't want to look like a bloated pig.

    I was planning to eat 6 clean meals a day with about 250g of protein. I'm 5' 11'' 176 10% bdf

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    Keep eating as clean as you have been, throw in an apple or 2 a day for fiber, just double the amount of clean food you eat. Use an anti estrogen to keep the bloat off and you should grow nicely. Depending on your body type shoot for 3000-5000 calories a day, watch carbs & keep protein high. That's my .02 Peace...

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