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    Post Surgery Dieting...Any Advice Welcome

    My Surgery:
    Back from Surgery...Out of Game for a Bit

    The Situation: 1 Week Starvation / Severely limited appetite / Digestion Capabilities
    3-4 Weeks Unlimited Diet Capability but very limited rehabilitative exercising only (No Hypertrophy Inducing Lifts, etc.)

    My current plan is to maintain a high protein diet through my month of not being able to lift and prevent catabolism at all costs. Should I even bother with any kind of cyclical ketosis?

    My goal: if I'm going to be losing mass anyway I want to lose as much fat as possible so I have a very very lean BF% base to start with when I get back into training...and try and bulk cleanly from there and come out cleaner, leaner and MEANER than I was before the operation in 6 months or so.

    If I lose too much mass in the process I may just do a more sloppy bulk (gain more lbs. per week) to try and quickly get a mass / base for strength back...until I get back up to a fatty 190lbs. or so, then cut off that with some CKD for a few weeks and then go back into a "clean" bulk.

    If there is any advice you guys can lend about "post traumatic lean body mass loss dieting" it would be great...As always...thanks bros.
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    Interesting situation. Seriously, sorry about the pain you went through dude, but this is an interesting situation to address.

    Are you still able to do cardio?

    I think my plan of action would be not to specifically cut but to try to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while minimizing any extra fat you gain. This will set you back some, but 4 weeks is not THAT long.

    Check out the cutting sticky at the top of the diet forum to help you draft a diet. You should forget about lifting days (obviously) and just create a diet as if every day was a cardio-only day.

    Let's see what you come up with...

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