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Thread: overeating

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    I never really stick to scheduled meal times, but is it a bad thing when trying to bulk up to just keep consuming as many meals throughout the day as I can? I usually eat around 6 large meals as well as 3-4 protein shakes a day. Am i overloading my digestive system? I feel like chewing on something to eat all the time and don't stop till my stomach hurts.

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    you would like to have smaller frequent meals instead of larger frequent meals. i would suggest you eat foods which are high in fibre and low in glycemic index to keep you fuller,so you won't find yourself feeling to eat all the time

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    you end up everything in site anytime then you may gain unwanted fat which you could have avoided by eating 6-7 clean meals a day.

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    Know what you need to eat to reach your goals, and do it. No more, no less.


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