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    Diet while on Cycle advice.

    ...i am not a newby to bodybuilding/weightlifting and training, or to a healthy and clean diet, but this is the first cycle i am running. (im 25, 170lbs, was 8% bf last summer, havent tested it since, maybe my diet is a little less clean, so if i estimated id say around 10% currently, but thats rough estimate, well researched over a year etc, have everything for cycle in check) running 10wks of Test E (1cc shot 2x wk) and 4 wks of dbol ...(10mgs of nolva ed, 300mg r-ala, milk thistle etc, have pct ready all that)

    My question lies in if i should be considering this a total bulk cycle, and if i should be eating to bulk, and as much as i can, or if i should still be concentrating totally on eating clean...and what the difference in gains i would see are.

    I had been eating either cup of oatmeal+banana OR 5 eggwhites and whole wheat bread for breakfast....usually can of tuna or 3 grilled chicken breast, with some sort of side for lunch...and semi big dinners, steak, burger patties, turkey burger patty's etc...

    I am not competing, i am using the cycle to gain size, and i do expect some bulk, so i do not need to keep as lean on the cycle (i was appx 9-10% bf going in)..(i just started cycle yesterday)..

    so im asking if i should just eat everything and anything under the sun (which i doubt you would suggest), if i should eat clean, and around 3500-4000 calories, or if i should up that calorie intake while on the cyle, try to gain as much as possible, then worry about cutting after?

    for example last night, i was real hungry at 11pm, after i ate dinner at 8pm (large large dinner lol), and i wanted to eat a lot, so went w/ the old bowl of cereal, didnt know if i should eat a lot or not eat, or eat as much as i could?

    I just dont know whats usually prefered. I dont neccessarily have to look ripped this summer, while on the cycle, im not overly concerned w/ the 'beach bod' lol...let me know what u suggest.

    Thanks a lot.

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    either way lay out a diet plan based on the cutting sticky an post it here. untill then thats the best help i think we can give, b/c you got many flaws in what you said there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fame
    Swole u said i'd get help whaaaaaaaaaaaa
    You will bro, people are in and out all day, so be patient. I don't answer dietary questions in pm's, hence me telling you to post it here. I have to put that statement back into my auto-sig, and will tonight. (Traveling right now)

    May wish to check out the diets stuck atop the forum as already suggested to get a jump on some of those suggestions they provide.


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    Research more up on diet brotha, youll be fine.

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