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    FitDay - Is this right??

    Trying out a copy of FitDay before I buy.

    Entered in my breakfast this morning and the numbers it spit out seemed off.

    Here's what I ate. If anyone can confirm this to be way off or right on I'd appreciate it. The numbers DEFFINATELY differ from the labels.

    6 egg whites
    1.5 cups oatmeal
    2 scoops EAS Precision Protien (Entered the values for this as a custom food)

    Total Calories 517
    Fat 6g 48 calories
    Sat Fat 2g 14 calories
    PolyUn fat 1g 11 calories
    MonoSat fat 1g 9 calories

    Carbs 45g
    Diet Fiber 8

    Protien 70g

    Do these numbers sound right?

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    looks pretty close to me bro

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    Looks pretty close, yes.


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