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    The Best diet to lose weight

    OK, what would be a dream diet to lose weight quickly.... just veggies and fruit? what would I eat to have a 40/40/20 diet? Try and come up with a one day meal schedule/menu that is surefire to help drop pounds.

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    see sticky at the top of the page..........
    The answer to your every question


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    Dream Diet?

    Waffles and fruit for breakfast with sausage on the side.

    Cheesesteaks for lunch with a side of curly fries.

    New York style pizza for dinner with 5 or 6 beers.

    Wings in the evening with a few more beers.

    Ice cream before bed.

    There's my dream diet.

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    hard to say man

    people react slightly different to everything
    i am very sensitive to carbs and have to almost eliminate them from my diet to loose weight so those ratio diets never work well for me...they work ok for maintaining but not for shedding BF

    and people also react differently to how many total calories they can intake...i dropped my calories from about 3k per day to 1400 per day and shed 8 lbs in 2 weeks then stopped loosing weight (or reeeeaaly slowed down) so i dumped a few more hundred and immediately started shedding fat again. Some people can't do this though because they go into starvation mode when they dump too many calories at once.

    If you've dieted with success in the past it's easy to shed weight but if there is no track record then you just have to go with the standard recommendations and adjust your intake as you go while measuring bf% and total bodyweight.

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    Goal: 7% BF by Aug 1st 2004 (172lbs total body weight based on 160lbs LBM)
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