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    need some help!!!

    Hey guys, I found this board and thought it kinda interesting, so this is my first topic, and I apologise in advance if my questions can be answered in another thread but I am on a time budget, I am leaving for a trip the day after tommorow and won't have access to a computer for a week or two so I don't have a lot of time to sift through everything just yet, I just want to get on the right track before I go.

    Basically, my problem is I want to gain lots of muscle, I don't care to be like gigantic but I just want to look presentable. I don't care too much about looking cut and ripped, it would be nice but one thing at a time... I just don't want to look fat and I want just a little definition, so I want it apparent that there is muscle there and not fat. Basically some background info on me is I am a college freshman, I'm 6' 2 1/2" and weigh 170lbs, and none of it is muscle really so I look pretty skinny, and what should be muscle is fat if you know what I mean. I try to work out on a regular basis, sometimes I'll go to the gym every day for an hour or two for a few weeks, then I'll inevitably skip a week and get thrown off, but this has only been going on for a few months. My diet pretty much sucks, for awhile I tried using protein powder and making shakes and drinking lots of water, but I ate junkfood too and eventually stopped the shakes before they could be effective. I have really good metabolism, I can eat whatever I want until I get full and not really gain any weight but still what I do have is fat, if that matters in helping me at all.

    With all that said I am going to make a consious effort to make a radical change (having said that I guarentee that I won't rebound, I just need direction so I know my efforts will be fruitful and not in vain), the change has already been going on as I'm getting used to working out everyday which is more than I used to do but I know it's not enough. I am looking for ANY and ALL tips for helping me build muscle and how to eat right in order to reach these goals and maintain good health.

    I have read through a few other topics briefly and was considering using raw eggs, or cooked eggs, more frequently while going back to using protein powder but as I said I am clueless if this is really good for my own goals or not. I think I have a pretty good idea, that correct me if I'm wrong, that you must gain a lot of weight to build muscle, but how much exactly, I dont want to gain too much and be at like 220lbs without having anything to show for it, so is it impossible to just gain goodlooking muscle or do you need to gain lots of weight and then carve out the muscles under that fat if you can picture what I'm trying to say haha. But again I am clueless on what to do and am just guessing about things.

    Thanks for reading through this big story and I will greatly appreciate any good diet and fitness tips or even entire schedules, whatever yall can throw at me! Thanks again!

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    First you really need to tell us what you want I know you said you dont want to be gigantic but we need something to go... Second you need to make a diet, and post it here but I suggest you read the cutting sticky at the top of the page and build a clean bulking diet??? or cutting diet?? out of that format. Plus we need to know ur bodyfat percentage. Once u post ur diet on here we can pick it apart and help you further. Third I suggest you check out the workout forum and get on a stable workout program where you know what ur doing and on what days your doing it on.

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