hi bros..its great to be back in AR..haha..ok..as many of you may know..i just competed recently..i learnt a lot..especially the last few days..saw many funny things going on backstage..the food competitors ate..the things they did..yeh..and i hope in my next show,i will be a much wiser competitor and a much more prepared one..
so, i did a test run of my prep just weeks before the show..and learnt that after my carb load, the carbs hit me on the morning of the fourth day..and so i used this as a time gauge for the last week of my show..i started loading on tuesday..and on friday..no carbs..just pro/fat meals..and expected..it hit me pretty hard on friday morning..i was tight and full..but by saturday..i was a bit flatter..can't really generate the pumps similar to friday's..what's the problem behind this? how can i stay full and vascular until sunday? i dropped my water on friday evening..and just taking small sips throughout the comp..i was dry..but flat..i was eating low carbs and moderate protein on saturday..about 20-30g carbs per meal and 25g protein per meal..i was still flat..should i continue having high/moderae carbs rather than low carbs? considering that i carb loaded pretty hard on tue,wed,thur? nad it so happened that i munch on some chocolates on saturday night..and veins starting popping out of nowhere! ok..what's with this again? and on sunday morning..i was even flatter..but dryer..i had some servings of potatoes..30-40g per meal..and just prior onstage..i hit on some simple sugars..chocolates and stuff..the funny thing is that i realised most competitors are eating sweet stuffs throughout that morning..no potatoes..nothing..basically junk! ice creams..honey..chocolates..baby food..burgers..u name it..they had it..what's up with this again? and lastly..is it true that once your water.. you should continue to give the body high carbs..it will not affect you? and it will actually make you more dry and full?