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Thread: Diet critique

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    Diet critique

    Ok here goes.. I'll try to keep this brief. If I leave anything pertinent out, please advise as I am a novice..

    35 yrs old
    217 pds
    Bodyfat = unknown(not really fat though)
    Currently on PCT(2nd day){nolva, clomid, milk thistle}
    Last Cycle = M1T/4derm/Hawthorne Berry X 4 wks

    Goal: Lean Muscle Mass

    1st meal {4:45} 50 grms whey/50-50 combo of dextrose/maltodextrin (sometimes I will also eat some Oatmeal)

    2nd meal {7:00} 40 grm chicken breast with 2 baked potatoes(small).

    3rd meal {9:00 or 10:00} Same as #2

    4th meal {12:00} Lowfat cottage cheese 50-60 grms of protein and green apple.

    5th meal {2:00} 2 tuna w/mustard sandwiches(wheat bread}

    6th meal {5:30 or 6:00} PWO shake{same as #1){throw in creatine and glutamine spaced about 30 minutes apart)

    7th meal {7:30 or 8:00} Lowfat cottage cheese or Same meal as #2

    8th meal {9:00 or so} PWO shake {same as #1) If I can stomach it. Most times, I am too full.

    I don't keep track of the calories, carbs, or the protein. I know I ingest enuf protein to cover the 1- 1/2 times my bodyweight per grm of protein thought process. Thanks in advance to all who can help me get my diet in order. Peace. I also have have a couple of flax seed oil caps with a couple of my meals.

    UPDATE: I just read where "Ya don't have to have "carb shakes" during the day, unless you are a true hard-gainer who cannot gain weight even eating Crisco w/dextrose. Usually carb/lean protein meals are fine, with shakes thrown in between those meals containing whey protein and some healthy fat.

    Thanks to SwoleCat for the above excerpt cut and pasted from another thread.
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    If you are cutting as in to lose fat, you'll want to read the cutting sticky above and come up w/something close to that. Starting your day w/dextrose is about the worst thing you could possibly ever do.


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    Yea bro, it looks like you have 3 PWO shakes in your diet, how come??? Especially before bed, you do not want that, it will do nothing to preserve muscle, it gets digested way to fast. You want to incorporate a pro/fat meal before bed to keep your body from entering a catabolic state. You also have WAY to many pro/carb meals and not enough pro/efas. Id be surprised if you had more than 40grams of fat in this whole diet.

    Definately check out the cutting sticky to understand the concepts, cutting or not, its still a great read.

    Good luck,


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    As I stated in my thread, I am a novice. I have read the cutting sticky(saved it to a word document). My problem is figuring out what some lean protein sources are, what vegetables to eat, if baked potatoes are any good for you, what constitutes a pro/fat meal, etc. I mentioned that I take 2 1200 mg flax oil capules during the day, is this not enuf EFA's?? I had edited my thread previously, becuase I did a search and discovered that the PWO shakes/w dextrose/maltodextrin other than PWO were a negative. But even in the cutting sticky, 3 of the daily meals are shakes. Even though he states that most protein should come in the form of raw meals.

    I guess I 'll just run some searches. I know chicken breast is good, and I have 3 of those daily. I think I'm just gonna lift, and screw all this cutting/bulking crap, cause it is way to time consuming. My knowledge of all the dieting jargon is obviously not anywhere close to where it needs to be. Maybe I'll take a class or 2. Thanks for the help.

    What I am trying to do right now is put some weight on. Is this still a bad diet to add some weight?? I thought you needed a lot carbs in there to add weight/bulk??
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