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    ?'s about "how to cut" thread?

    This was a very good article but I had a few questions and would appreciate any replies. As the diet reads it says the workout/weight lifting would take place i think after the 3rd meal. Which is fine but would I just do my cardio in the morning on an empty stomach (except for some glutamine which the thread suggests) then start with the diet? If so would you need a PWO after your cardio? Also during summer when I wanted to cut up I would go on a low carb diet. I would stay under 50 carbs a day. I did get results in my abs but no way would I last on that diet longer then a month. I also read some negative articles on really low carb diets. The new diet in the thread has 130 carbs a day. I could totally handle that, but is this a long term diet? For my goals and where I want to be I like to be more cut and have my abs back then trying to bulk up all the time. So is this diet meant for that or is it a short term option? Also if anyone can recommend any good tasting carb drinks that would be great!! Thanks!!

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    i'll sometimes cut up to 3-4 months at a time. just keep going to you hit your goals.

    also no PWO is needed after cardio, just a pro/fat meal 45 mins after cardio

    the amount of carbs itself depends on the person, the sizre, the cycle ect ect. everyone is diff


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