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Thread: My weird diet

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    My weird diet

    Right guys- you can flame this, critique this or whatever you want but i just thought id share this with you. I am 22- 6'5, 115kgs, approx 13% bf.
    I cant really call it a diet because what i eat usually differs each day. On a typical day it goes something like this

    8.30 am- 6 weetabix (cereal) with semi skimmed milk
    9.00 am- protein shake with 2 scoops
    9.45a,- heavy weights
    11.00am- another protein shake, 4-5 whole eggs
    13.00pm- few cans of tuna- protein bar with 50g of protein
    14.00- tuna and chicken salad sandwiches
    16.00pm- ham and tomatoe sandwiches on wholemeal bread + 50g protein bar
    18.30pm- hard cardio session for an hr and half (pre season training)
    20.30pm- usually pasta and steak
    23.00- yoghurt, apple
    That is usually my diet for mon,wed,fri- the days i train both heavy weights and intense cardio- 7 days a week ill drink at least 4 litres of water as well
    However i am not too strict on myself- i like to eat bread, drink a lot of milk have a lot of pasta. My point is i dont stick to an exact diet, i just eat healthily- as the cardio is intense i like to load up on carbs. I dont drink alcohol or eat chocoloate or biscuits or crisps or anything- just try to eat healthy food. I am currently on week 3 of test e and am making solid gains. Just thought id share this with you all

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    i think u may have to refer to the bulking sticky, that diet looks way out of wack to me, no flame intended.


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    As i said bro i appreciate peoples comments and i understand that the diet may not be right but the whole point of my post is to show that what works for some may not for others and vice versa. I am sure you could all sit here and tear it apart bit my bit but for the past 6 years it has kept me in good condition (i can see my abs- now for someone thats 6'5 and 115kgs thats pretty good imo) My fitness levels are up there with the fittest in the squad (pro rugby). I do appreciate and value your opinions.

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    as long as your happy bro that all that matters. but i would seriouslt consider AT LEAST adding a PWO shake of dextrose and protein. I found even a minor change like that can help newho. b/c we all need to repair muscle gycogen after a workout. just something to think about.


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    with metal plates...
    i do not eat the same food every other day at times..but macros just stay the same..hey man..if it works for you..power to ya....the bottom line is finding something which works for yourself and stick to it..! egg

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