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    Dextrose before bed?

    I heard that yoiu should take Dextrose with your protein shake after lifting. What about cardio? I did a search and in plenty of the posts it says you don't need it after cardio. Is that true?

    Also 2 questions:

    1) Sometimes I workout late and my post workout shake is right before bedtime. Is it good to take Dextrose with my post workout shake even though it's right before I go to sleep?

    2) Days you don't workout is it pretty much useless to take Dextrose? If you take it days you don't workout, will you pretty much get fat?

    3) How much Dextrose should I take if I'm taking a postworkout shake with 55g protein and 7 g of carbs, also I'm trying to cut not bulk if that matters.
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    Dextrose will put a stop to any lipolysis you started suring cardio.

    1) Yes you should take dextrose with your PWO shake. You should try to work out sooner though, so that you have time to take a pro/fat meal before bed.

    2) Dextrose is used post workout. If you don't workout, you don't need it. It will spike your insullin levels and could potentially add to your fat stores.

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    Yup, in addition, having TWO post-workout meals is more optimal than having a high glycemic shake, then following that w/a fat and protein meal. You want to make sure insulin levels are down, and also that you have replinished muscle glycogen through liquid and solid types of nutrition.


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