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    Cramping, Potassium Question's?

    It seems everytime I go into the gym and workout some part of my lower body my legs cramp up all over the place to the point where I can't even workout. I drink plenty of water, but as far as potassium goes what would be the ideal dosage that I can take for the over the counter supplement? I am not a big fan of bananas and it seems that is a great source for potassium. Any suggestions on this problem...........thanks!

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    the drug store
    Orange juice is a good source of K+, also. You can also get tonic water at the
    grocery store that contains quinine to help cramping. Not that I'm giving you an
    otc dose of K+, b/c that is a dangerous game, but it takes 10 tablets of potassium
    gluconate 550mg to equal 1 Rx-only 10meq tab of K+.

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    3 grams ED is good enough for me.

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    Instead of potassium (which u can use as well, yes) try a calcium/magnesium supplement as well. I bet that helps you a ton.


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    Believe it or not, bananas are not the best source of potassium. Kidney beans, winter squash, and plain yogurt have almost 75% more potassium! I agree with SC on the calcium issue. The average male needs well over 1200mg of calcium per day, and the average serving of milk only yields about 400mg. Maybe it would be a good idea to suppliment both of them.
    Also try a warm shower or the steam room prior to your workout. It's helped me with my cramping.

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