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    Article on fats by john berardi

    Long but talks about saturated fats possibly being good for bulking...anyway give it a glance.

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    I read through most of it. Great info there. I think the conclusion kind of sums it up, and you can read the whole thing for explanations on these points:

    So, T-men, what have we learned today? Well, here are a few pearls of wisdom to take to the kitchen:
    • During all training phases, make a conscious attempt to eliminate the omega 6 polyunsaturates from your diet while simultaneously increasing your omega 3s mostly in the form of fish/salmon oils (DHA, EPA) and some flax seeds or flax oils. This increase in 3s, as well as the more favorable ratio of 3s to 6s, can potentially increase insulin sensitivity in muscle, decrease it in fat, reduce body fat, decrease muscle damage and soreness, and decrease disease or injury-induced inflammation.
    • Replacing your saturates with monounsaturates in the form of olive oils is a smart move. This can favorably impact blood lipid profiles and cell integrity (by preventing free radical induced oxidation.)
    • If you want to really piss off the dieticians and "health fanatics," eat saturated fats (about 30%, but not much more of your total fat intake) during mass phases. During diet phases, decrease this ratio to about 10% of total fat intake and attack the salmon and olives for the rest of your fats.
    • Finally, don't reduce fat intake to such low levels that your energy levels are that of a 80-year-old bridge player. Trust me, your testis will become nothing more than little dangling ornaments with no real function but to get in your way during leg presses.

    In short, eat your fats!
    now i'm off to eat some bacon and beef! woohoo!

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