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    simple carbs/regular carbs???

    Ive heard the term simple carbs. can someone explain what these are , how they are different and which types of foods are simple carbs.

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    Simple carbs are carbs that your body can break down very quickly. Dextrose is an example of a simple carb. Because of you body's ability to break it down so quickly, It is used for PWO.

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    to further on what he said, and to simplify it, simple carbs are sugars, like the example he used, dextrose. an example of foods with simple carbs would be candy, fruits, soda, etc. complex or regular carbs are slower digesting, and have more of a gradual impact on blood sugar. some examples would be oatmeal, sweet potatos, bread, etc.

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    Any bread or grain product that is white and/or says "enriched" on it (white bread, white rice, flour) has man made $hit in it and is a simple carb. Grains that are brown (wheat bread, brown rice) are not bleached and are much more natural and are complex carbs. Complex carbs are better.

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