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    Slight cutting diet modifications... with help from others

    Alrigth I made a FEW, SLIGTH diet modifications in an effort to keep my daily split of
    P/F MEAL
    P/F MEAL

    here it is, my final effort and what i will be cutting with, the diet you guys suggested gave me 2100 calories which i feel is too much for my 5'10 175 pound fram, this revised diet is 1970 calories, which is about 11.4 x my body weight and I feel is an optimal cutting diet....

    12:00PM(after cardio) Can of tuna, 1 scoop optimum, 1.5 scoop peanut butter--360

    3:00pm 1 salad, fattier meat(steak, pork chop) about 25 grams worht of egg whites(equally to about 120 calories), 1 cup cauli flower---

    6:00- Post workout- 50 grams dextrose, 25 grams whey ---

    6:20 1 cup oats, 1 Large chicken breast, 1 cup brocc, 1 cup cauli ---

    9:00- 1 Large chicken breasts, Vinegar and oil salad

    12:00 1 scoops optimum whey, 1 chicken breast, 1 tbsp flax oil---

    As you can see I will not be deficit in any of the macro's with as im getting rougly 250 grams protein, 50ish grams fat, and around 135 grams carbs(a large portion of them coming from pwo nutrtion and fibrous vegetables). I really think this is a good diet, but if you guys notice any HUGE probelms with it, please let me know thanks.

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    a few minor things I would change:
    - 3pm meal, don't force yourself to have fatty meat like beef or chicken with skin. there's no problem having a cleaner meat and add some olive/flax oil with it. That way you get good EFA's in your diet rather than saturated animal fats. Some fatty fish though would be a great substitute
    - postworkout: even though the 2:1 ratio is what is the norm, I believe you should change it to get more protein. 25g of whey aint enough IMO. Your two choices are either to bump it up to 40-50g (making a 1:1 ratio) or if you want to keep the 2:1 ratio then make it 80g dex, 40g protein from whey.
    - 12pm (prebed) meal: I would save the whey for PWO. either make it all chicken, or try some other slower acting protein. Ideally I would say have cottage cheese with the flax, or perhaps some casein protein powder.

    Other than that it looks quite solid.

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    Depending on your progress, you may eventually want to trade that PB for a better fat as well for your first meal.

    Good luck,


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