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Thread: bulk fuel

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    bulk fuel

    i just found the best tasting thing in the entire world for a pro/carb meal change(while bulking). in my local supermarket they have a natural food section with all unprocessed and unrefined foods, and they have the MOST tasty french vanilla granola in the world.

    i got a bunch of the light and fit yogurt which is fat free and only has like 5 sugars, its strawberries and cream, use 3 yogurts, mix 1 scoop of ATW strawberry, and about half a cup of granola. its a tasty treat thats good for a pro/carb meal or snack to keep your kcals high, with like no fat at all (maybe 2 grams in the granola)!

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    now that sound like a yummy plan thanks will try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyisaacs
    now that sound like a yummy plan thanks will try it
    Make sure to invite your ex-girlfriend over so you can douse her in yogurt!
    (From Lounge thread)


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