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Thread: Ultrabreakfast

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    posted this long ago on elite...and to take down more protein take ginger root at 500-1000mgs RIGHT before each meal

    Having a good breakfasts?If your answer is yes or no it dosent matter cuz you could be having a better breakfast with ultragame's(ultragainz) how dose 52 grams of protein sound?well want more what about 80 grams of protein 660 calories 80 gams of carbs and only 2 grams of fat.Not bad uh,well here are the good stuff that you can be having for breakfast.And it only takes SECONDS or MINUETS to make, thats right.And if you you are looking for more protein or more carbs or cals just add a bigger bwol of cereal or more oatmeal,more fruit ,ect.Or just add a side of fruit or a whole grain bagel also you can have a bigger scoop of protein powder more egg whites or a a side of low fat turkey sausage.

    ****Mediterranean bagel sandwich: Combine about 1/4cup of softened fat-free or low-fat cream chesse,1/2 cup low-fat cottage chesse,diced tomatoes and,if you want basil and parsley.Scramble four or five egg whites and while they're cooking toast a large bagel-whole wheat is the bagel with scrambled eggs then add top with canned roasted bell peppers....Calories:475,Protein 52grams,Carbs 60 grams,Fat 3 grams...great taste give it 8 stars out of 10

    *****Banana-pineapple shake:Puree together 1/2 cup cold water,1/2cup pineapple juice,a banana,1/2 cups of pineapple chunks,2scoops of protein powder and 3 ice cubes in a blender and water if you want(if you want more protein or water just add it in).On the side have a 1/2cup of oatmeal(dry measure),sweetened to your liking.
    Calories:675,Protein 55grams,Carbs107,Fat 3grams.....give it 20 stars out of 10 It taste grreat!!!!!!!

    ******Not your ordinary,oatmeal and egg whites:Cook one cup of oats(dry measure),then mix in a scoop of protein powder,some reduced-fat peanut butter and a handful of raisins.(You can also use protein-enriched oatmeal, you can buy it at nutrition specialty stores)On the side have a egg or 2 hard-boiled eggs. Calories:630,Protein 40grams,Carbs90grams, Fat 12grams.. 7 stars out of 10 its good stuff give it a try, you might like it more then me......

    ******Cereal and fruit:Fill a big bowl with high-protein cereal(like Protein Plus by Miracle Foods),skim milk and a diced apple.Have a protein shake to drink...Calories660,Protein 80grams,Carbs 80grams,Fat 2grams..Give it a 8.5 stars out of 10 its great....

    ******Pig in a bodybuilding blanket:Cook low fat turkey sausage and wrap it up in a microwaveable low fat pancakes or waffles.You can use protein-enriched pancake mix if you have more time to cook.Calories:500grams,Protein40 grams,Carbs 40grams,Fat 20grams...never had it but give it a 7 stars i guess cuz of the way it sounds out of 10 stars.but try it might be good....

    *******Cottage chesse,fruit,toast:Cottage chesse dosent SCREAM bodybuilding food BUT it has one big advantage:NO COOKING REQUIRED.It ready off the shelf and a half-cup has 14 grams of protein mix it here with frozen fruit for a better taste.Toast 2 slices of whole-wheat bread and spread with reduced fat natural peanut butter.Spoon 1/2 cup or so of low fat cottage cheese into a bowl and mix in frozen berries.Have a protein shake(made with water)to drink....Calories 620,Protein75grams,Carbs,50grams,Fat 13 grams.....9.5 stars out of 10 its grrrreat


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    these are some good ideas, its good to mix it up like this. It takes away from the same old thing day in and day out...

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