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    by your girl

    oats only source of carbs

    hey guys is it ok to make oats your only source of carbs am trying to cut now. my diet looks like this

    cardio am on empty stomach at 65-75 maxium heart rate
    one hour
    meal 1

    10 egg whites one hole 1 tsb olive oil

    meal 2

    6oz chicken half cup oats


    tuna an flax seed oil 10ml flax


    30 whey protein 60 dextrose

    meal 5

    chicken 6oz half cup oats

    meal 6
    6oz chicken salad 10ml olive oil

    stats 195 pounds 16percent body fat
    want to cut as clean as possible.
    do you guys think i will be golden like this

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    that is good if you can deal with the repeatitiveness of the diet...other good choices however would be yams, brown rice and you really really need some green veggies in there....all of those are used in contest prep, which is by far the cleanest eating i have ever done.

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