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    Question for you bros

    I know this should be on the supps board but you guys have helped me tremendously so I know I can trust you guys.

    Right now I have just finished my 5 day loading of 20 g of creatine a day. Now I'm gonna cut it to 10 g. My question is this: Should I cycle it 2 months on, 1 month off and than repeat OR could I stay on it forever.

    My fear of staying on it forever is that my natural creatine production will shut down and that my kidneys will be damaged. That's why I think taking 1 month off after 2 months of use would be beneficial. Also I'm afraid if I stay on it forever that my body will eventually get used to it and I would have to keep upping the dosage.

    ANY help at all would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bump....but i`d copy it in the suppliment forum if i was you!

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    well for starters 10g a day is not really necessary and the loading phase is pointless and just a marketing scheme....and also i would consider cycling it just like you should cycle anything else. the body always likes to be in equilibrium and will find a way to get there and eventually results will be smaller and then why not cycle?

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