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    Breakfast and Workout Timing Question

    Hi All,

    Normally for breakfast I have 10 egg whites with oats, and I train about 90 minutes later (more like I leave my house 90 minutes later, end up training about 100-105 minutes later). However, I recently started having egg protein powder on occasion as it is quick, easy, tasty and a bit of a relief from the repetitiveness of both preparing and eating actual eggs. I normally just make a pudding-like mix of egg protein powder with raw oats, with some ice cold water, and eat it straight (no cooking involved). However I wanted to know if I have this on a training day, should I wait less time to workout that usual since it's egg protein POWDER rather than actual eggwhites? Or is the 90 minutes still OK?


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    90 minutes should still be fine...even though powder is predigested it still has a slower absorption rate than standard whey protein i believe.

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