Here is a little background.

I am 6'3" 210 lbs. with about 9-10% bf

I am about to finish an eight week high volume program (modified German volume training) and switch over to a strength based program.

I have been doing about 7 one minute sets of jump rope with about 2.5-3 minutes rest and I plan on continuing that.

I have been doing well at maintaining my weight at about 210 while adding some muscle and losing about the same in fat.

I am also coming off a 6 week cycle of M1T+4AD and will be doing Pheedno's PCT (Day 1-30- .25mg L-dex + 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva) along with clen and Ketotifen.

I am currently following a diet that revolves around my actvities and is based on Berardi's Nutrient Timing Article.

I basically eat a 500 calorie meal every 2 hours with 50 grams of good protien and the rest coming from a mix of fats. During and After weight lifting I will have my liquid Shake and 1 or 2 500 calorie meals (depending on how late I work out)

I have a couple questions about the diet:

-While doing a high volume routine I was drinking a Pre/During shake with about 70g of carbs (50/50 malt/dext) and 35g. hydro whey. Then having the same thing PWO

I wanted to know what changes to make to my liquid workout meals now that my volume will be cut down and lower reps and less sets will be performed.

-I also wanted to know if it is okay to get my mix of fats through-out the day and not just in each meal (its hard to get about a 1/3 of each kind of fat in each meal) and I usually have 1-2 Milk Protien Isolate shakes a day with some fish oil as my only source of fat.

My goal right now is to keep improving body comp and get down to about 5-6%bf at about 210-215 (keep in mind that I am coming off a cycle and want to avoid any crashes.)

My priority is fat loss but I want to keep if not add a little muscle size and strength.

Any help is welcome (especially from swole and other fitness gurus) and reasoning behind the advise is also a big help