ANy Advise would be helpful. I'm cyclin down only runnin 250mgs of Test E/wk. My last shot was last Wed. In about a week I'm going to start my pct. My concern is diet.

What's a good diet plan for maintaining musle and stayin lean once I'm off. How much is too much cardio. I don't want to waste muscle. Basically I want to maximize my efforts while I'm off. Any supplement suggestions?

My diet usually consists of:
7am - 8 whites + 1/2 cup old oats

10am protein supp. handfull almonds

12 10oz chicken on a whole wheat rap w/ lettuce and a little hot sauce

3pm lean burger w salad oil vin dress

5pm train

7pm meal replacement shake

9pm another lean protein +veg

after 9 straight protein supp.

And my cardio was 45-60 min 5x wk.