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Thread: New Clean Diet

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    New Clean Diet

    Hey Guys:

    I'm just getting back into lifting after a four month layoff. During the layoff I was eating like ****, and I am now back on my clean diet. My main goal is to build muscle, and losing fat will be a plus. I KNOW most people will tell me that losing fat and gaining muscle will not work, but I am a hard gainer, and the fat I have can quickly be shed once I get rid of the double chesseburgers, pop, and twinkies. Lemme know what you guys this of this diet, its what I ate yesterday and am eating today.

    Half jug of egg whites 25g
    cup of oatmeal
    one or two pieces of fruit

    When Proteing Myoplex 40g

    Large chicken breat .75 pounds
    baked potato
    some corn
    salad w/egg whites

    - OR -

    Can of tuna on rye
    cup of yogurt


    Whey protein Myoplex 40g
    10g Creatine Via Cell Tech(I know, its ****, I get it for free so I may as well use it!)

    Large Chicken Breast .75 pounds
    Mixed Vegetables

    Piece of salmon, or large chicken breast
    brown rice

    Large glass of milk
    six egg whites

    I would like to get some more fiber in there and some more salad, I love tomatoes! Not sure on all the stats, but I think I can make some gains on this, lemme know what you guys think. I'm missing a few things, but can't seem to figure out where!


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    I'd normally suggest trying an approach like the cutting sticky atop the page suggests, as that layout seems to be highly applicable to about 95% of those who have the same goals as yourself.

    Being that you know you are a "hardgainer" and can shed fat quickly/etc., you can try your method for a while. If it's sucking royally, or you find you are losing lean mass and fat, you can try the sticky to see if that change can/will help. You didn't list where/when you do cardio, nor how your program differs for days you weight train as opposed to the days you do not weight train, but I am sure you have that covered as well.


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