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Thread: Diet advice

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    Diet advice

    Well the time has almost arrived, i have joined a local gym through my work (cheap) and my mebership is effective Sep 1st. I want to drop weight without lossing what size i have now. I am 6'0 and i am guessing 230lbs right now. It would be awesome if i could get down to 205lbs. I have been down to 218lbs and i felt really good.

    I must explain that i do not use gear and most of my previous excercise was from Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai training and an ok diet with ephedrine. I want to do it smart this time, i will be eating 4-5 meals a day but i am still learning in this regard.

    I know i will be told to hit the cardio and i already have it figured out that it will play a major role in my weight cutting am i correct? I will do 45m-1hr cardio everyday that i am in the gym. I will add swimming if possible.

    I am a full time student with a full time job and that is where it gets tricky for me, i should be able to get to the gym Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun and maybe Fridays depending on what school schedule i have next quarter.

    I used to lift like this when i had the available time,

    (I used lower weight with high reps as i did not want to gain alot of muscle mass.)
    Mon: Chest, abs & Cardio
    Tues: Back and Shoulders & cardio
    Wed: Legs & Cardio
    Thur: All cardio day (go till i dropped)
    Fri: Arms, Abs & Cardio

    Of course now this schedule is not feasable.

    How can i "squeeze" in all these muscle groups in 3-4 days without tearing my body apart?

    So far i am eating like this:

    Breakfast 8am-100% rolled oats plain (like a man)
    10:30-Orange/Apple (depends what i feel like)
    1pm-Can of Tuna w/ mustard and mustard greens
    3:30-Another apple or orange
    6-7PM: Michelina's dinner 7g Fat
    9-10p: Bannana
    (Drink plenty of water as well)

    And i use the weekend as a cheat, i am stopping Jiu-Jitsu training for awhile and have been doing body weight excercises and jumping rope, i also have been experimenting with bands.

    As you can see this is horrible i know, my schedule sucks but i know there is a way to work around it.

    I work 8-5pm and then go straight to school from 5:50-10:40pm.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    I work at a desk from 8-5pm so i know i can clean up my diet through these hours with little problem. I will buy a little cooler and start pre-making meals that are affordable.


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    Your moving in the right direction and your focused on obtaining your goals but you have to change a lot about your training/diet...

    Basics Cardio 45-60 mins empty stomach in morning(Eat a Pro/Fat Meal) after cardio.. SCrew the oats after cardio... Try not to do cardio after weights because thats time for rest and recovery.. Cardio after weights will do more HARM than good.Eat 5-7 meals a day to keep your body burning fat all day.. Read the cutting sticky a top the page..
    Meals should be followed like this:
    Pro/fat(EFA's Flax, Almonds, Olive oil)
    Whey Pro/Dextrose
    Pro/Carbs(Brown RICE/Potatoe)

    Dont do shoulders after chest day. Dont Do Back followed by Legs if your doing squats and deadlifts theres no way you can go balls to the wall if you do legs after back. Do shoulder Thurs/ Legs on friday or so on... Got to find what fits your schedule.. Your probably already in catabalism if your eating like what you wrote in your post.. You'll lose all your muscle if you continue to eat like that.. You need a ton of protein. And only eat carbs when you body needs them(after workout).... I am in school and it sucks bringing all your **** to class and all that but how bad do you want to get down to 205? Only cheat once a week dont use the WHOLE weekend as cheat days.
    Read the cutting sticky it will help you out bigtime.

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    It doesnt' seem like you're eating enough calories (although I can't be sure because you didn't specify amounts). Also, I think you need to incorporate more protein throughout your day. And bananas aren't the best choice for fruit. They contain very little, if any, fiber and are basically absorbed in your body much like pure sugar.

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    Problem is i will not be doing cardio in the mornings. All my workouts will have to be after 5pm as i work 8-5pm (Leave for work around 7:15) and school is 5:50-10:40pm three days a week.

    I do not understand all the terminology used here such as Pro/Fat, Dextrose?

    They sound similar but i am not sure. I would almost guarantee you that i am not getting enough calories in a day. But you must relalise that i have not started my hardcore training at the gym yet either.

    I will NOT be using gear at all by the way, i am not sure if that changes anyones opinion on how to answer my questions?

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